Writer. Editor. Eater. Restaurant critic for San Diego Magazine. I wrote and hosted the TV series Crave on Food Network. I have, in the past, been hired to bring down the literary reputation of Surfer, Rolling Stone, SPIN, Mojo and Paper. My first book was supposed to lead to much laughing and crying on Oprah’s furniture. She’s probably kicking herself. (Note: I hated the title and the cover of the book. I fought for, and lost, the right to call it Son of a Butch.)

I’m currently working on my second book—the first about what we put in our mouths.

The opinions expressed within do not reflect the views of San Diego Magazine, Food Network, professional journalism, Oprah, my wife, my parents, or any humans at all whatsoever no way no how amen.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. allison bleier says:

    Loved your show – hope you get another ‘vehicle’ as they say. The timing does seem odd that is such a bummer that a joke may have led to your canning!

    • Troy Johnson says:

      Sorry, Al. Only thing I’ve been doing with my blog recently is ignoring it. Anyway, thank you.

      • Allison Bleier says:

        Hope that means you are busy working. Have caught you on “triple G”. Your combination of food knowledge + wit = entertaining. Ham on Wry!

  2. Barbara Riddle aka Mrs Owen says:

    Hey Troy,
    It’s Mrs Owen …soooo good to see you yesterday; you look just the same as second grade, except taller. As soon as I got home I called your third grade teacher, Mrs Arnold and told her all about seeing you in Major Market. We are so happy and proud of you Al the best to you and your career. I’ll keep reading your column in SD Magazine
    Mrs Owen

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